Wings Wednesday at Olaf’s Tun

Wings Wednesday at Olaf’s Tun

Attention chicken lovers, Wings Wednesdays are coming to the Tun!

At 6pm on the second Wednesday of every month, join us for three hours of all-you-can-eat chicken wings for just £10! With a range of flavour options available, we’ll serve you up seven wings at a time, and then bring you however many top ups you want.

Rob’s come up with a few delectable flavours to pick and choose from, and below we’ve listed our recommended pairings:

Plain - Our plain chicken wings, lightly seasoned with salt, will easily pair with just about anything!

Buffalo Hot Sauce & Crumbled Blue Cheese - If you want to accentuate the spice, reach for a nice hoppy IPA. If you need a drink to mellow out the spice, a malty Bitter will pair well.

IOW Garlic Herb Butter, Parmesan & Balsamic Glaze - A balanced pale ale would cut through the acidic balsamic glaze while fruity hops will resonate well with the Parmesan.

Lemon, Pepper & Chive - Zesty lemon and chives would pair great with a refreshing lager with herbaceous hops.

As always, we do not take reservations, so head on down early to get yourself a seat!

Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is valid for one person only - sorry, no sharing!
  • We will serve five wings at a time, and you will need to finish those before we bring you any more.
  • With each serving you can pick between four different flavour combinations - Plain, Parmesan & Garlic, Buffalo & Blue Cheese, Lemon Pepper & Balsamic - feel free to switch it up between servings!


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