Olaf’s Tun On Tour - Southampton

Olaf’s Tun On Tour - Southampton

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Saturday 24-09-22, midday onwards

An organised pub crawl of some of Southampton’s finest beery establishments.

The crawl with start with everyone meeting at Olaf’s Tun at midday for a complimentary 1/2 pint and a bacon sandwich to warm up for the day. From there, we’ll all hop on the minibus to visit:

  • The Butchers Hook
  • The Bookshop Alehouse
  • The Handlebar
  • Beards + Boards
  • The Witch’s Brew
  • Clockwork
  • Overdraft
  • Dancing Man

This is a great opportunity to visit our city’s best watering holes and if this goes well we intend to arrange similar events to other cities!

Bearing the above in mind, there are a few things we would like to bring to your attention.

  • The landlord and landladies of these pubs have graciously agreed to host a group of, let’s face it, inebriated adults. Remember that Olaf’s Tun has organised this event and your behaviour will reflect all of us at Olaf’s Tun. So best drunken foot forward please folks.
  • Any discriminatory or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated and anyone found to be exhibiting these behaviours will be asked to leave without a refund.
  • Any soilage of the minibus or pubs will also not be tolerated and you will be expected to make financial reparations to the owner of the bus/pub/property immediately.