Mobile Bar Hire

Draught Hire

We supply draught equipment for hire

We provide all the equipment you need, and we can provide the kegs and casks directly to you as part of one of our bar packages.

Beer Tap System

For Kegs. Ideal if you want to serve a pint just like you would get in the pub.

  • 2 x Draught Taps - Stylish chrome taps with a badge or actual branded font. 
  • Water Cooler - Ready to serve cold drinks in 60 mins (standard 13amp plug socket required)
  • Gas Canister - Used to pump the drink out of the Keg (Correct gas provided as per product specification)
  • The Cooler, Kegs & Gas  all fit inside our mobile bar flight case. With this system there is little or no wastage, and changing Kegs is quick and easy so your guests don’t get thirsty. 

Hire Price: £75 a day


Real Ale Equipment

Comes with a cooling jacket and coil, stillage and a direct tap.

  • Direct Tap - placed at one end of the Cask
  • Water Cooler (standard 13amp plug socket)
  • Stillage – used to tilt the Cask as the beer is drunk
  • The Cask, Stillage, Cooling Jacket and Coil will sit on top of the table / bar with the cooler on the floor
  • You require the equipment per Cask of Real Ale ordered


Hire Price: £70 

Please note: These prices include, setup and gas for up to 5 kegs. For larger orders we will quote on a case by case basis. These prices do not include the cost of any products (kegs and/or casks).  In some cases there may be a delivery/collection charge.  Full payment is required 2 weeks in advance in order to guarantee your booking.


Keg and Cask Prices

The cost of all products is determined by what specific brand you want to serve and what size of cask or keg you require.  We will work with you to find the best and most cost effective solution to suit your needs.  As a guide 36 pints of cask ale can cost anything in between £50 and £100 depending on what specific beer you are ordering.  52 pints of keg beer can cost anywhere between £100 and £300.